The 2015 California ACEP Annual Assembly took place June 12, 2015 in Universal City, Los Angeles, CA.  There was a lot of LAC+USC involvement, with faculty awards, lectures, and the resident sim challenge winners!

Congratulations to Dr. Kathryn Challoner, who received the CAL/ACEP Humanitarian Award for her work in Liberia during the Ebola Epidemic.

Challoner award

Congratulations to Jonathan Gottlieb, Melissa Joseph, Neil Rifenbark, and Erik Berg, who won the Simulation Challenge.  Special thanks to Chi Perlroth, who sponsored the residents to attend the competition.


We also had a large faculty presence during the lecture day:

Tarina Kang, MD – Ultrasound Skills Rotation

Taku Taira, MD – What’s new with TPA?

Liza Kearl, MD – Pediatric Sports Injuries

Ilene Claudius, MD – The Neonate

Madhu Hardasmalani, MD – Pediatric Airway: Tips & Traits

Genevieve Santillanes, MD – Pediatric Rashes

Emily Rose, MD – Sneeze and Wheeze: What’s new in respiratory illness in children

Solomon Behar, MD – The Nuts & Bolts of Male Pediatric Genitourinary Emergencies

Looking forward to next year!

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