Save of the Month

Congratulations to this round of Save of the Month winners!


Dr. Danny Mindlin pushed for the admission of a patient with a new cranial nerve palsy and weakness despite a normal MRI and neurology recommendations for discharge.  He was ultimately diagnosed with Miller-Fisher variant of Guillan-Barre.


Dr. Evelyn Lee managed two unrelated post-dive cardiac arrests simultaneously in the Catalina Hyperbaric Chamber (  Both recovered and were completely neurologically intact upon discharge.


Drs. James Salway and Amin Abdi used ultrasound for a shoulder arthrocentesis that was unsuccessful by two ED providers and orthopedics.  As Dr. Harrison pointed out, the real SOTM may have been convincing the patient to undergo four attempts at a tap.


Dr. Ilene Claudius picked up a missed congenital coarctation of the aorta in a young adult with atypical chest pain, based on a crescendo-decrescendo murmur, 20 mmHg blood pressure disparity in the upper extremities, and hypertension.  He underwent successful surgical repair without complications.

*Patient identifiers have been removed from these cases and submissions are chosen from cases that occurred over the past year to maintain HIPAA compliance

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