Grand Rounds: July 30, 2015

Last week’s rounds was filled to the brim with phenomenal lectures.  Check them out below:

Dr. Behar gave us an approach to the pediatric ear and some common and not-so-common considerations in the child with stridor.

Dr. Spellberg, an Infectious Disease specialist, shifted our paradigm when it comes to antibiotic choices for common presentations to the ED.

Drs. Mallon, Farah, Harter, and Joseph did a high-yield review and presented recent cases of some viruses-on-the-rise.

Dr. Raam discussed what it means when aVR is elevated, where we’re at in the literature, and addressed the question of calling STEMI in these cases.

Dr. Sterling gave a short and sweet overview of push-dose epinephrine.

See you next week!

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