Grand Rounds: September 3, 2015

This week’s grand rounds had several foci: ophthalmology, procedures, and pediatrics. Dr. Roberts, Dr. Tseng, Dr. Mailhot, and Dr. Shlamovitz blew us away with outstanding presentations. Rest assured, there were no sleeping babies in the room.

Dr. Roberts offered up a code bag case in which he had to perform an emergent pericardiocentesis on a crashing patient. He reviews the indications for the procedure and both blind and ultrasound-guided technique.

Dr. Tseng gives an overview of strategy to succeed in securing any pediatric airway, including direct laryngoscopy, LMA application, and needle cricothyrotomy. (Sorry, everyone! Our screen recorder failed to capture her slides!)

Dr. Mailhot had the difficult task of addressing both ophthalmologists and emergency physicians in his review of ocular ultrasound cases. His major take home points were that retinal detachment should nearly always be fixed to the optic nerve, and the appearance of the retina is significantly brighter than vitreous pathology such as vitreous hemorrhage.

New to the LAC+USC faculty, Dr. Shlamovitz wowed us with pediatric visual diagnosis cases as a dry run before he presents at ACEP 2015. Also check out his website and publications at

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