Grand Rounds: September 24, 2015

We had a collection of talks that ranged from depressing to refreshing and inspirational. Dr. Lam spoke about organ procurement and brain death, Dr. Weiss infused us with the art and practice of mindfulness, Dr. Fitzgerald presented a rapid fire review of the red eye, and Dr. Challoner reviewed her time in Liberia during the ebola epidemic.

Dr. Lam reviews the process of organ donation and focuses on the value of optimizing the management of patients with brain death so that the number and quality of organsĀ harvested can be maximized.

Dr. Weiss changes the tone by encouraging us emergency physicians to invoke the power of mindfulness during our chaotic lives. He points out that, when insulted, a person can either react impulsively or instead say “This is what anger feels like” and choose to remain calm and introspective. He also leads us through mindfulness exercises so that we can experience what all of this hippy mumbo-jumbo actually feels like.

Needles in the eye and I&D’s to remove pus from behind the eye — Ew! As a dry run for his ACEP talk, Dr. Fitzgerald takes us on an outstanding rapid fire review of the management of the red eye.

After spending time caring for patients in the heart of the ebola outbreak in Liberia, Dr. Challoner reflects on the gravity of this experience, the great toll of the outbreak, and the incredible personal rewards that she found during her journey.


One Reply to “Grand Rounds: September 24, 2015”

  1. I think you want to say organ procurement rather than “harvest!”


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