Wellness Blog: October

Hello everyone- wellness blog is back!

IMG_7365The last 2 months have been full of warm weather and residency wellness. We had several residents and attendings volunteer at the Special Olympics in July. Shout out to Tiffany Abramson for helping to coordinate an event involving athletes from all over the world! Giving back to others, especially when you have so little time for yourself, is a wonderful way to stay “well”. We also had two residency weddings in the past several months. Congratulations to Peggy Tseng and Eugene Park for tying the knot (not to each other, but to their respective spouses)…

image image-2


Credit to Abe Flinders and Ben Musser for organizing a residency overnight camping trip the night before grand rounds. We appreciate you guys planning such a fun outdoor event. Keep them coming!

We also had another residency soccer pick-up game at 1:30 pm on one of the hottest days of the year…whoops. Needless to say, we had a great turnout, and found out that the rotating med students are in much better shape than we are. No pictures from the event—too much sweating.

We’re excited to announce that there has also been the formation of a wellness committee with volunteers from each class! Thank you to everyone for your participation. Committee members include: Julia Hellman, Ben Musser, Aarti Jain, Allie Luu, Todd Schneberk, Carl Berdahl, Ramin Tabatabai, and Jess Osterman.

Upcoming Events:

After an inspiring talk by Father Greg Boyle from Homeboy Industries during grand rounds, we’ve decided to take a trip to the Homegirl Cafe one day, so stay tuned for that in your emails. We also plan to have a fun family-friendly beach volleyball day, and will continue planning monthly events with the nurses and ancillary staff in the ED that we all love so much.

We are also looking forward to an upcoming grand rounds next month dedicated entirely to residency wellness. Props to Carl Berdahl and Mel Joseph, who have been killin’ it with grand rounds this year (as well as Carl for killin’ it with his new haircut).

The television show Code Black premiered on September 30th on CBS! As many of you know, Code Black started as a documentary about our ED, and was later picked up as a television series. We are looking forward to watching our lives played out as a medical drama for all to witness.

Last but not least, we have the PGY3 class going to Boston for ACEP at the end of October!

Summary of plans for next month:

Beach Volleyball/BBQ- October

Wellness grand rounds

Homegirl Cafe trip

ACEP in Boston (PGY3 class goes and anyone presenting)

An interesting read on residency wellness: ‪http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC329915

Suggested fun things going on in LA—this month’s pick is outdoor movies! Check out this extensive list before the summer ends:


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