Grand Rounds: October 16, 2015

In honor of Essentials of EM last week, we had several Essentials-style lectures from our Drs. Shoenberger and Roepke. The day kicked off with Dr. Paquette, who gave an excellent lecture on high-altitude illnesses in his typical, engaging style.

Dr. Paquette: High Altitude Illness

Dr. Shoenberger gave us a quick and high-yield overview of intractable hiccups and papilledema

Dr. Shoenberger: Intractable Hiccups and Papilledema

Dr. Roepke reviewed the rare but important diagnosis of traumatic posterior sternoclavicular dislocation and gave us an approach to management

Dr. Roepke: Posterior sternoclavicular dislocation

Dr. Shoenberger wrapped up the day with some of the lessons she has learned during her 13 years in the residency office

Dr. Shoenberger: Life lessons of a PD

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