Fellows Corner: Administrative Fellowships

EMA Administrative Fellow 2015-2016


Administrative fellowships in Emergency Medicine are non-ACGME fellowships with individual applications (versus a match). As a whole, admin fellowships overall offer clinical shifts and experience, scholarly project(s), direct mentorship with medical directors and associate medical directors, sponsorship to attend a national conference like ACEP, and exposure to risk management, clinical systems, quality improvement, clinical operations, leadership and interdisciplinary problem solving. The majority of the fellowships are 1 year programs, but in order to pursue a master’s degree, such as masters of business administration, public health, or health administration, a 2-year program is required. One exception is the Emergent Medical Associate’s (EMA) Administration fellowship, which is a 1-year program offering a Masters in Medical Management (MMM).

Google and the SAEM Fellowship Directory revealed at least 15 nation-wide Administration fellowships. The majority of fellowships are associated with an academic institution, but several, including Emergent Medical Associates and Christiana, are not linked to an academic organization. Several examples of academic administrative fellowships include Emory, Johns Hopkins, Stanford, Ohio State, UC Denver, etc. The only two programs in Southern California are at USC + LAC and EMA. Private groups that offer fellowships include CEP America (a management fellowship), TeamHealth and EMA.

Since this blog post is mainly for USC Residents, I will focus on the 2 fellowships offered in Southern California, especially because I am most familiar with these two.

EMA admin fellowship:

  • MMM degree (fully paid for)
  • Work at EMA and EMA hospitals (so far have been Centinela, West Hills and Tarzana)
  • Previous fellows who trained at USC include: James de la Torre, Jaime Eng, Andrea Wu and Erick Eiting
  • Molly Brady is the current fellow
  • Unique to this program: community ED experience, working for a private company, direct mentorship with medical director
  • Paid trip to ACEP, EMA’S Risk Management Seminar and NEMBR Board Review Courses

USC admin fellowship:

  • Masters of Health Administration (MHA) or MMM, both are partially subsidized
  • Previous fellows who trained at USC include Peter Milano and Sarah Lopez Korc
  • Unique to this program: weekly lecture series by administrative faculty, lead monthly admin journal club, academic and community EDs, present/attend USC Grand Rounds

Resources: Eric Wei (MBA and Associate Medical Director, Quality and Safety at LAC), Dave Harrison (Chief Resident and MD/MBA), Admin fellowship directors Shoma Desai (Admin Division Chief at LAC) and Erick Eiting (Medical Director of Correctional Medicine at LAC, MMM and MPH degrees), Veronica Vasquez (former admin team member at LAC), Nick Testa (CMO at Providence St. Joseph Medical Center and USC trained), Paul Silka (EMCare West Division Chief Executive Officer, USC trained), Diku Mandavia (USC trained and Chief Medical Officer of FUJIFILM SonoSite) and Sujal Mandavia (USC trained) and the previous fellowship grads listed above.

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