Grand Rounds: January 28, 2016

In this week’s Grand Rounds, we learn more about the EMS system in Los Angeles, traumatic eye injuries, and The Wellness Center at LAC+USC.

Dr. Saman Kashani starts us off with his PGY3 talk about our local 911 and EMS system. Ever wonder what actually happens when someone calls 911? Who answers that frantic phone call, and how do patients end up in front of you in the ED? Watch Dr. Kashani’s talk to find out!

Dr. Kashani: 911 and EMS in LA

Next up is Dr. Rafy Chavez who gives his own PGY3 talk on traumatic eye injuries. Remember to get an emergent ophthalmology consult for the following: retrobulbar hematomas, open globe injuries, large hyphemas, severe ocular chemical burns, and complex eyelid lacerations.

Dr. Chavez: The Traumatic Eye

Finally, Dr. Janina Morrison stops by from down the hall to talk about The Wellness Center, a one-stop shop destination for health and wellness. Not only does it offer exercise classes, a demonstration kitchen, and counseling sessions, but it also houses numerous community organizations to meet the needs of our patients. Feel free to refer patients to The Wellness Center and their helpful wellness navigators will help clients find the appropriate resources. You can visit their website at or give them a ring at (213) 784-9191.

Dr. Morrison: The Wellness Center at LAC+USC – A New Model for Supplementing Clinical Care Through Coordination of Community-Based Services

That wraps up the final Grand Rounds of January 2016. We’ll see you next month!

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