Resident Wellness Blog: March 2016

Greetings wellness seekers!

We are back with another great recap of our wellness events, along with a heads up for future events and blog posts. This time, we will start a new series of staying well–resident style, by interviewing residents about their personal methods for achieving wellness. This month will feature your blog writers (Allie and Aarti).

Catching up on previous wellness events:

  • We have had several pre-essentials camping trips since our last post. Nothing like some good campfires and late night beach runs to decompress from long days at the hospital. Kudos to the PGY2 class for initiating an awesome outdoors tradition!
  • The PGY3 class went to BOSTON for ACEP! In addition to watching Drs. Bowman and Fitzgerald dominate the 20 in 6 Resident Lecture Competition, the PGY3 residents enjoyed a clambake in Essex and some entertaining nights out in Beantown.


  • Both the PGY2 and PGY3 classes enjoyed winter wellness retreats in Oceanside, where Dr. Flinders demonstrated impeccable Karaoke talent.
  • ACEP wellness week visited Grand Rounds! We hosted our first “open mic night”, where residents had the opportunity to share and debrief about difficult cases. The session was wrapped up with an inspiring video from the late Dr. John Hinds. For those of you who missed it, here is a link to the video:

Looking forward to many more opportunities for resident-run critical incident debriefing!

  • Once again, LAC+USC residents/nurses staffed the LA Marathon and Olympic marathon time trials. The event went off without a hitch- thank you to all who volunteered to help!


  • Also, big thanks to Jenny Farrah and Rafy Chavez for organizing girls and boys nights respectively… its always nice to get some inter-class gender specific advice and love.


  • Tseng organized a post-inservice dinner at NBC Seafood in Monterey Park. Congrats to all for finishing another inservice exam!



Social Corner:

Congratulations to Dr. Abraham, who married his fiancé Jena in San Francisco this past December! Many residents were in attendance to celebrate the newlyweds.

Congratulations to Dr. Eum, who welcomed a baby girl, Emily, with his wife Catherine.

For your reading/listening benefit:

How do our residents stay well?

Allie Luu: Exercise, getting outdoors, and 1-2 glasses of wine/beer are my greatest allies to combat burnout. I try to get together with friends at least twice a month (during bachelor season its weekly). Its especially nice to hang out with residency friends who understand you in a special way that no one else will. I also highly recommend a puppy. He helps me get outdoors on days where I feel like staying in my pajamas, watching tv, and scooping ice-cream into my mouth without moving (a sign of early depression). I also occasionally look back on my match day photos when I’m feeling discouraged to remind myself why I am here and how lucky I am.

Aarti Jain: I try to take advantage of any day(s) off by traveling! Whether quick camping trips to Joshua Tree/Death Valley or driving up the coast to Santa Barbara, I feel reinvigorated by exploring all the amazing natural beauty of California. I also try to play soccer whenever possible…a wonderful way to blow off steam and stay active. For me, sleep is a key component to wellness…call me crazy, but I always strive for (and usually achieve) 7-8 hrs of sleep a night! Helps me to stay refreshed and free from the binds of caffeine-dependency. With regards to workplace wellness, we are lucky to be surrounding by a wonderful group of peers/faculty, and I have found that debriefing about difficult cases (whether in the hospital or over a beer) helps me to avoid compassion fatigue. Above all, though, I always find comfort and inspiration in revisiting this inscription on the walls of “Old County” Hospital:


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