Grand Rounds: March 17, 2016

To start this week off, Dr. Chilstrom discusses the use of ultrasound for undifferentiated dyspnea.

Dr. Chilstrom: Ultrasound for Undifferentiated Dyspnea


Dr. Joseph then follows up with a sequel of her urology talk with a presentation on traumatic bladder and urethral injuries.

Dr. Joseph: Urology in the ED, Part 2


Dr. Rifenbark then talks about an interesting GI bleed case he saw during his time in Long Beach.

Dr. Rifenbark: Massive GI Bleeding


Following, Dr. Peabody returns to discuss health information technology and the importance of teamwork and safety culture in the emergency department.

Dr. Peabody: Patient Safety Culture and HIT in the Emergency Department


To conclude the week, Dr. Raffetto discusses end of life care and how to approach it in the emergency setting.

Dr. Raffetto: The Art of Dying


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