Grand Rounds: April 28, 2016

A lot of great talks and presentations this week!

First off, Dr. Swadron goes through the mechanical approach in dealing with massive GI bleeds.

Dr. Swandron, How We Do It: Massive GI Bleeding


Next, Dr. Taira goes over testing for PID and the different treatments that can be used.

Dr. Taira, PID


Dr. Newton, Dr. Paquette, Dr. Williams, and Dr. Orlinsky go through several EKGs and discuss if what you’re looking at should be coded as a STEMI.



To end it all, Dr. Chudnofksy gives an all-inclusive talk on nasopharyngoscopy, giving a brief overview of the nasopharynx anatomy, talking about proper techniques, and discussing potential findings.

Dr. Chudnofsky, Nasopharyngoscopy


And that wraps up this week. See you guys next week!

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