Grand Rounds: July 7, 2016

Grand Rounds is back and off to a great start to the new academic year! While we’re sad the class of 2016 has graduated and moved on, we’re excited to welcome the newest members of the DEM family!

New PGY4 Dr. Max Fitzgerald kicks off the year with an excellent talk on spinal epidural abscesses, and answers the important question: when do we pull the trigger and order that spinal MRI?

Dr. Fitzgerald: What Lies Beneath – A Choose-your-own Adventure Story

Dr. Stuart Swadron imparts his wisdom for his approach to the patient with syncope. In today’s world filled with a dizzying array of new rules and algorithms for risk stratifying patients with syncope, “Captain Cortex” provides some clarity with his clinical pearls of wisdom.

Dr. Swadron: Syncope 2016

Next up is Dr. Bob Paquette who delivers clear guidelines for the treatment of status epilepticus. What’s considered first line therapy? Second line? Third line? And what about the use of ketamine? Find out more by watching his lecture!

Dr. Paquette: Convulsive Status Epilepticus Treatment

Last, but certainly not least, Dr. Jan Shoenberger discusses the important topic of physician burnout. She provides us with practical tips and tricks for maintaining personal wellness that we all can start using immediately to help ensure a gratifying and fulfilling career in emergency medicine.

Dr. Shoenberger: Dealing with Adversity and Burnout

And with that final lecture, the first Grand Rounds of the 2016-17 academic year comes to an end! A big shoutout to our new Chief Residents of Education, Ariel Bowman and Neil Rifenbark, for making this session a success!

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