Grand Rounds: September 15, 2016

A lot going on this week of grand rounds!

To start this week off, Dr. Levine reviews cardiovascular toxins discussing their presentation, diagnosis, and managements.

Michael Levine, Cardiovascular Toxins

Next up we have Dr. Musser presenting a pulmonary hypertension case and discusses what to look for in atypical cases of shortness of breath as well as the proper management in these situations.

Ben Musser, Pulmonary HTN


Next Dr. Behar discusses troubleshooting problems in pediatrics with G-tubes, VP shunts and trachesotomies.

Solomon Behar, Troubleshooting the Instrumented Child


And to end the week, Dr. Brooks gives a case based presentation covering a number of tracheostomy and laryngectomy emergencies.

Jennifer Brooks, Tracheostomy and Laryngenctomy Emergencies

Thank you and we’ll be back next week with more grand rounds!

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