Grand Rounds: October 6, 2016

We got a bunch of great presentations for this week of Grand Rounds!

To start off, Dr. Abramson gives her PGY3 talk covering pediatric ingestions and uses a number of cases to present the appropriate approach and response to dealing with these types of encounters.

Tiffany Abramson, Pediatric Ingestions

Next up we have Dr. Ansari giving his PGY3 talk over snake bites using a case he encountered in Verdugo Hills as an example.

Ashkon Ansari, Snake Evenomations


Next off Dr. Lawson shares the “Wheel of Life” and “Playing the Tape” methods to help develop and strengthen the muscles to succeed in work and life.

Andrew Lawson, Tips & Tricks for Building a Rewarding & Resilient Post-Residency Life


Last off, we have a number of ACEP presentations covering topics such as family presence during resuscitation, nurse practitioner response units in urban EMS systems, the LEAN principle, and the timing of antibiotic use in sepsis.

ACEP Presentations

That’s it for this week and we’ll see you next time!

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