Grand Rounds: October 20, 2016

Welcome back for another exciting week of Grand Rounds! Dr. Luke Palmisano walks us through the hemodynamic effects of positive-pressure ventilation, and reminds us to “resuscitate before you intubate.”

Dr. Palmisano: Hemodynamic Effects of Positive-Pressure Ventilation

Next up, Dr. Nicholas Testa opens our eyes to the world of ocular trauma and what every ophthalmologist wants to know when we consult them:

  1. Is there an open or closed globe injury?
  2. What is the visual acuity?
  3. Is there an afferent pupillary defect (APD)?
  4. What is the area of injury or affected zone of the eye?

After this lecture, you’ll be able to think like an ophthalmologist (while still being an ER doctor, of course).

Dr. Testa: Ocular Trauma

We then hear from Dr. Bob Paquette who delivers a striking presentation on compartment syndrome and how to properly measure compartment pressures. Note: you can view the Stryker demonstration video here.

Dr. Paquette – Acute Limb Compartment Syndrome and Stryker Use

Dr. Radek Bialczak was inspired by his EMS rotation to give a talk on the use of tourniquets. Remember to ask the EMS provider for the time of tourniquet application and the patient’s blood pressure and any perfusion deficits at the time of application. Note: you can view the CAT self-application video here.

Dr. Bialczak: Tourniquets In Civilian Pre-Hospital Care

To finish up the day, Dr. Jorge Ontiveros gives his 5 Minute Toxicology Talk on the adverse effects of “robotripping” aka “skittling” aka dextromethorphan toxicity.

Dr. Ontiveros: 5 Minute Tox Talk

That rounds up this past week’s session. See you all next week!

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