Grand Rounds: October 27, 2016

This past week’s Grand Rounds session was started off by Dr. David Hoffman. He covers the red flags of secondary causes of headaches, the indications for obtaining a CT head for atraumatic headaches, and recipes for headache cocktails. Lastly, he discusses how to diagnose, treat, and dispo patients with cerebral venous thrombosis. You’ll also find out which famous politician suffered from a CVT!

Dr. Hoffman: Headache

If your toxicology knowledge is a little shaky, you’re in luck because Dr. Michael Levine brings his toxicology expertise to the podium and reviews common causes of drug-induced seizures as well as treatment strategies.

Dr. Levine: Drug-Induced Seizures

Our next speaker is Dr. Katie Harter who passes along some tips and tricks she gained from her OMF rotation to Grand Rounds. During this talk she goes over commonly used nerve blocks for seeing patients presenting to the ED with dental trauma. If you’re hungry for more dental trauma pearls, she recommends you check out The Dental Trauma Guide.

Dr. Harter: Dental Nerve Blocks

Drs. Arora and Menchine are back for another PIMP session, and this time the articles they review cover the following two topics: CCTA for chest pain (PMID 27155236) and calf DVTs (PMID 27437827).

Drs. Arora and Menchine: Practice Improving Monthly Papers (PIMP)

Lastly, we see a familiar face in Dr. Dave Pomeranz who makes his return to LAC+USC. Having completed a fellowship in wilderness medicine, Dr. Pomeranz shares some of his experience with exercise-associated hyponatremia.

Dr. Pomeranz: Exercise-Associated Hyponatremia

That’s all for now. See you next time for another session of Grand Rounds!

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