Ultrasound Fellowship

One-year fellowship on EM Ultrasound

Type of Program
PGY1-4 EM program with 17 residents per year.
Based at Los Angeles County + USC Medical Center, a large public teaching hospital and active level 1 trauma center.

Year Fellowship Started: 2011

Ultrasound Program Status
Division of Emergency Ultrasound
Department of Emergency Medicine

Number of Ultrasound Faculty: 5

Notable Faculty
Mikaela Chilstrom, MD RDMS
Tarina Kang, MD RDMS
Thomas Mailhot, MD RDMS
Diku Mandavia, MD
Dina Seif, MD RDMS

In addition, Jeannine Childs, RDMS is a sonographer employed by the ED to teach ultrasound to residents.

Ultrasound Fellowship Education
Scanning shifts (6/month)
Lecture series covering basic/advanced/emerging applications (weekly)
Journal club (weekly)
QA/video clip review (weekly)
Cadaver lab sessions (monthly)
Teaching opportunities (lecturing + hands-on)


Contact: Tarina Kang MD


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